Ceramic Pro

Introducing the most advanced coating system for the automotive industry. Ceramic Pro is a clear, liquid nano-ceramic glass coating that was designed to form an exceptionally strong and durable shield for the vehicle’s paint. This product will permanently protect your vehicle after just one application.


The #1 product in the trucking industry for all polishing of chrome SS and Aluminum. We have all you need to get a clean, polished, protected finish.


A high end product that is priced very reasonably and that works excellent for many different applications.

Dr Beasley's

Another Excellent product for all your detailing prescription. NANO RESIN is the best HYDROPHOBIC COATING you can get for a reasonable price.

MDS Private Brand MUC OFF

This line is my personal best. We use “MUCK OFF” for all multi purpose cleaning, HD degreassing and to remove any other though stains from many material, like carpet, vinyl, leather etc. We also have SHINE ON that is a water base product, to make everything shiny for all vinyl, plastic, leather etc.

Fukken Wax

Fukkenwax is a revolutionary, waterless car cleaning wax that is used all over the world by car, truck, watercraft and motorcycle owners who know that having a Fukken Shine means heads will turn!


RUPES is a family owned and operated Italian Company, it was founded in 1947 in Milan. Since its inception, RUPES’ commitment to product innovation and quality manufacturing has defined the company as a worldwide benchmark manufacturer of professional electric and pneumatic tools, accessory items and vacuum systems. RUPES commitment to research and development has been the driving factor in the success of the company.

Speedy Stone

The Speedy Stone Pet Hair Remover will help you easily remove pet hair from your upholstery, carpets, and most places in your vehicle. The problem with pet hair is that it does an amazing job embedding itself in the fabric, making it very hard to remove with a vacuum. The Speedy Stone is made of a natural material and it gently attracts the hair into it’s pours, removing it from the surface safely and easily.

Keep it Cool, Keep it Clean